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December 2023

KyG Summer 2023.jpg

Latest News! A KyG Update

May 2023: Still here!


Holiday News / How to Shop IT'S ALL KyG:

December 2022

HAPPY 2023!

KyG Wishes

Product Launch M​ailing:

8 September 2022

UPDATES: KyG Products

HAPPY 2022!

KyG Wishes

KyG Mailing 2021-4

14 December 2021 - About the KyG Productions:

KyG Mailing 2021-3

7 September 2021 - A blast from the past:

Remembering the Cuban initiative for contemporary music SODAMC

KyG Mailing 2021-2

30 May 2021 - Cuban composer Harold Gramatges

AWTP2019! The Last Video: One-Go-Impression

KyG Mailing 2021-1

28 March 2021 - Back with a new mailing format

and an article - and homage video - dedicated to Cuban composer Carlos Fariñas!

First shared interview

18 February 2021 - Clock on image to go to YouTube (Spanish/Russian)

Read the KyG Story in EN-SP-NL here

HAPPY 2021!

Opening the year DELIGHTED with music and a GREAT COMPLIMENT by valued composer Eduardo Morales Caso.

Around the World on Two Pianos 2019:


December 2020 Mailing: AWTP2019-3

YouTube playlist: Cuban Classical & Jazz 2019

Around the World on Two Pianos 2019:


July 2020 Mailing: AWTP2019-2

YouTube playlist: East Indies-West Indies 2019

Around the World on Two Pianos 2019:


March 2020 Mailing: AWTP2019-1

YouTube playlist: Latinissimo! 2019

Third standing ovation, for

Cuban Classical & Jazz at The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam

7 December 2019 - Around the World on Two Pianos series

Concert report

With pictures and credits

Another standing ovation for the

Second Around the World on Two Pianos concert!

17 November 2019 - East Indies - West Indies concert

First Around the World on Two Pianos concert

a resounding success! 

 12 October 2019 - Latinissimo concert

New video: Sarabandio  October 2019

New concert series!  August 2019

At The Concertgebouw in Amsterdam!

New video: Zele Jazz Concert

Newsletter 12 February 2019

3 languages! New format! New videos! AND Celebrating G’s mentor

César López Zarragoitía

KyG Wishes 2019 December 2018

Publication of GCR article by ILAMS December 2018

Gustavo Corrales Romero and his production company KyG have had a connection with the UK based Iberian and Latin American Music Society (ILAMS) since 2014, when they did a review on the FRESCO CD. In 2017 KyG co-sponsored a concert in the Echoes Festival in London.

And now the English translation of the article by Gustavo on the Cuban composer Ignacio Cervantes was published in the ILAMS newsletter. Go to the Latin American showcase page for all language versions of the article...

Latest Cuban Classical & Jazz Photo & Video report 3 September 2017

In collaboration with Ramón Valle. It was a smash hit! 

Crowdfunding update: BERLIN 25 July 2017

It took about two weeks because of the additional work on the videos and the photo album, but here it is: The complete report on the Berlin rehearsal of the ARIOSO suite, in three languages... 

Click here for a video impression.

Milestone! 1st ARIOSO rehearsal 3 July 2017

First picture of the joyful reunion and successful rehearsal at the end of June in Berlin; the first step in the production of the ARIOSO CD.

Arioso is going to Berlin! 2 June 2017

A first milestone in de ARIOSO crowdfunding campaign. Thanks to our gracious donors we were able to plan the first rehearsal of the ARIOSO musicians at the end of June. 

Successful crowdfunding concert! 29 May 2017

Words are not enough to express our gratitude...

Click here for pictures and details.

To hear a painting, to see the music 9 April 2017

Click here for the photo report.

Picture by Richard Braakenburg

KyG Touch Base March 2017

Change is in the air! A new communication format by KyG.

2017 wishes December 2016

KyG wishes you a Magical New Year. Newsletters to resume soon!

Newsletter 11 September 2016

KyG company review - From Europe to Latin America: The Waltz ! – 1st KyG survey - Sarabandio review - In the spotlight: BookIsh Plaza

KyG Quick Hello August 2016

Next newsletter expected in September. A quick, summery update.

Article by Worldwide Cuban Music 11 July 2016

Worldwide Cuban Music has been providing a platform for the work of Cuban musicians living outside of Cuba since 2014. Their article (in Spanish) about ARIOSO consists of a description of Gustavo Corrales Romero's piano trio project and the trajectory that preceded it. Click here for the English translation. 

Newsletter 10 April 2016

PROUDLY PRESENTING: ARIOSO Cuban chamber music by Gustavo Corrales Romero

Brokken-Corrales 17 April 2016

We look back upon a delightful, well-attended, warmly received lecture-concert in collaboration with writer Jan Brokken at Toets des Tijds in Amsterdam this past Sunday. Two grand pianos graced the stage: a 1907 Ibach and an authentic 1873 Broadwood to perform the older pieces true to the sound of the times...

KyG Quick Hello March 2016

Because of the large gap since December. A quick update.

From Cuba to Curaçao, Caracas and Aruba! 

23 March 2016

Highly anticipated! The lecture-concert collaboration with Dutch writer Jan Brokken on Sunday 17 April 2016. Read all about it here.

Newsletter 9 December 2015

Plans for now and 2016 - In Paraguay with Agustín Barrios 'Mangoré' – In the spotlight: ILAMS

Newsletter 8 September 2015

The second half of 2015 - Back to Cuba with Ernesto Lecuona – NEW: In the Spotlight

Newsletter 7 July 2015

Good vibes and surprises – A trip to Mexico with Manuel Ponce – KyG Then & Now: the challenges of building an international artistic career

Música Viva! 27 June 2015

The first Música Viva concert at the Soefi Centre in The Hague, with tenor Jorge Andrés Martina, was a resounding success that will surely be followed by more concerts. The duo received a roaring, standing ovation and gave two encores.

Newsletter 6 April 2015

Concerts, collaborations and new videos! – KyG Then & Now: the crossing to the birthplace of the great European composers – Feature: the Danzón Cuba's national dance

Newsletter 5 February 2015

An unstoppable contemporary Cuban composer: Keyla Orozco – KyG Then & Now: romance for the boy who was married to his piano – Back to Belle Epoque soirées

Newsletter 4 November-December 2014

Visiting the Argentine pampas with Carlos Guastavino – KyG’s continuing story: the road from the Superior Institute for Art to Aruba – new FRESCO distributors

Newsletter 3 October 2014

Continuing the Latin American showcase in Cuba: Ignacio Cervantes – KyG Then & Now: G’s Russian adventure – Have your own living room concert

Newsletter 2 September 2014

Launching the Latin American music showcase with a composer from Brazil: Ernesto Nazareth – KyG then and now: the story as it began with G

Newsletter 1 July 2014

After the 'revamp project' - What we've been doing- Current activities - Our plans - Latest concert and CD reviews


Exciting 2nd CD - featuring wonderfully melodic and rhythmic Latin American music - is available NOW!


Unique details about Gustavo Corrales Romero's first CD.

La Ciudad de Los Portales June 2014

Second ambitious writing project about Gustavo's home town completed!


1st KyG concert abroad 28 June 2012

A definite reason to double our efforts to internationalize Gustavo's career. We LOVE London. Great response from the audience and we learned a lot. Will do better on pics and videos next time. Catch a couple in the photo gallery. Review here.

1st collaboration above expectation! 7 June 2012

The combined concert with Ramón Valle proved to be a very enjoyable experience indeed, for both pianists and audience!

In Memoriam September 2018

Short KyG News November 2018

including new promo video Cuban Classical and Jazz, a note on the 11 November concert and KyG's short-term plans. Click here...

After the successful concerts at the Fenix Music Factory in Rotterdam (February) and the Lutheran Church in The Hague (May), we had to take a long break relating to a personal loss (K's mother).

Happy 2018! January 2018

and a short update. Click here.

Promoting the Cuban Classical an Jazz piano duo

with none other than 'The other face of Cuban jazz' Ramón Valle

New Promo Video CC&J! November 2018

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