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A taste of ARIOSO

Arrangements by Gustavo Corrales Romero

of traditional Cuban songs.


We will be recording the ARIOSO CD with Gustavo Corrales Romero, Reynaldo Maceo and Douglas Vistel, for a completely Cuban 'package'.

For a complete description, click:

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Promotional videos

~ Click on images below or here for the playlist on YouTube ~

From the first rehearsal on 28 June 2017:

Horas Negras

Composer: Angel Almenares

The following videos were recorded in 2016

to provide a taste of ARIOSO,

with American-Argentine violinist Gustavo Cabrera

and cellist Inés Salinas Blasco from Spain. 

Mariposita de primavera

Composer: Miguel Matamoros

Dulce embeleso

Composer: Miguel Matamoros

Triste, muy triste

Composer: Miguel Matamoros

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