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Gustavo Corrales Romero picture by Floor Jansen

Before I became who I am now

I enjoyed 17 years of professional musical training, starting at age 7 in my hometown Guantánamo, in Cuba, continuing at age 14 in the capital, Havana (at 2 hours flying distance from my family), under the fabulous tutelage of my wonderful mentor César López Zarragoitía, going to Moscow at age 18, to conclude my studies and become a concert pianist and conservatory teacher at age 24! 


Gustavo Corrales Romero's musical training comprised 17 years in the solid tradition of the Russian school for piano since he was 7, a path along which he advanced through exclusive selection procedures.

After the first 7 obligatory years at elementary level in his province Guantánamo, he was selected at 14 to continue with pre-university studies at the prestigious National School of Art (ENA)in Havana, Cuba.

At the age of 18 he became licensed as an Instrumentalist and Piano Instructor and won a national competition awarding him a scholarship. This enabled him to study with professor Mijaíl Leonidovich Meshlumov at the world famous P.I. Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow for one year.

After this he returned to Cuba to complete his training with a Master Degree in Music, specializing in Piano at the Superior Institute for the Arts (the ISA conservatory) in Havana.

At 24, he was offered the position of Professor of Piano and Chamber Music over 2 other candidates with more experience. During his three years in this position he completed several post-graduate studies with international guest professors such as the Argentine pianist Miguel Angel Scheba, the Spanish pianist Ricardo Requejo, the Canadian Dr. Dujka Smoje, the Cuban Dr. Ela Egozcue and Bulgarian professor Radosvet Boyadjiev.

In 1997, at age 27, he was accepted as a select member of the Cuban National Association for Writers and Artists (UNEAC).

Gustavo initially demonstrated a special passion for contemporary music. In addition to his annual participation in the International Festival for Contemporary Music in Cuba, in 1997 he co-founded the Association for the Development of Musical Contemporary Art (SODAMC).

SODAMC was a UNESCO-sponsored initiative hat organized meetings in Havana twice a month, which included concerts, exhibitions and lectures, providing a platform for composers, interpreters, musicologists and visual artists; a highly applauded effort that rapidly became a significant part of the Cuban art scene. Gustavo performed in all concerts.

Gustavo began public performances at the age of 16. Over the years he has acquired a vast amount of podium experience through participation in many famous national and international festivals and as a concert pianist in South America, the Caribbean and several countries in Europe, especially in The Netherlands where he has been living since 2002.

Mid-2011 he co-founded KyG Productions with his wife and partner Karen, to formally continue to execute projects of his own initiative, promoting Latin American music, classical and contemporary, across the globe.


FRESCO Launch Concert at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague

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