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Review by Ray Picot

Reseña por Ray Picot 

A WIDE IMPRESSION of Latin American classical and contemporary music: 25 tracks representing the vast world of Latin American music for piano - classical and contemporary - based on popular and folkloric genres such as the waltz, danza, joropo, son, pasillo, tango and the habanera; containing unpublished works, first recordings and the famous tango Altagracia.

€ 15,00

Accompanying text by Dr. Danilo Orozco

Texto original de Dr. Danilo Orozco


Palimpsesto was produced as a tribute to the rich musical heritage of the Cuban academic composers, representing a journey on piano capturing flavors from the 19th to the 20th century, with African and Spanish influences, featuring two first time recordings and several composers personally known to the pianist.

This intense, true to life view of the Guantánamo of the author’s youth and his studying period in Havana constitutes Gustavo Corrales Romero’s debut as a writer. Readers consistently applaud the descriptiveness and humorous style of the prose employed for the childhood years (seventies). The diary elements used to often poetically describe situations during the eighties and turbulent post-Perestrojka nineties provide a sharp and intriguing contrast during the author's adolescence.

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