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Imagine the deep ocean, its waters moved in waves by the wind.

Compare it with a friendly stream of clear water

flowing between cobblestones, accompanied by the breeze

and the shade of the trees.

This work is meant to be like the transparent water of that stream:

A record of short pieces developed in the spirit of dance and song.

Pieces by academic Latin American composers

who once expressed themselves in the most direct and natural way, 

recreating the freshness of folkloric airs; based on genres such as the

waltz, danza, joropo, son, pasillo, tango and habanera

and turning them into concert pieces.

Fresco facts

  • First recordings (Sarabandio by KDR de Corrales and the dances of L.G. Valdés).
  • Adaption for piano of A. Barrios' Vals no.3 for guitar, by G. Corrales Romero.

As a tribute to former teacher and colleague Carlos Fariñas, inclusion of

  • Altagracia (Gustavo was one of the the first pianists to play this well-known tango at age 16 under the tutelage of the composer himself).
  • and two unpublished works (Trinitaria and Habanera)

A KyG production

Aside from general concept, basic design and content by KyG, the picture on the back stems from a KyG photoshoot at the annual Den Haag Sculptuur exhibition in The Hague.

The picture on the front has been derived from a picture made by Gustavo Corrales Romero of a four-tile motif in his 19th century house in Guantánamo.

The images inside the booklet are reproductions in the image of a single tile, while the CD face is a close up of a part of these tiles.


G. Corrales Romero & KDRdeCorrales ‘KyG

General concept, production, content & design

Power Sound Studio


Maria Morales

Digital Artwork

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