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MUSICA VIVA combines the charm, passion and expertise of concert pianist Gustavo Corrales Romero and tenor Jorge Andrés Martina. It promises to be a delightful voyage of discovery of Latin American sounds. Organized by KyG Productions & M'Artistics, respectively Corrales’ and Martina's production companies.

At 'Het Witte Kerkje' (the little white church), in Baarn (between Hilversum & Amersfoort, above Utrecht), on Saturday 31 October 2015 at 19:00 hrs for €15,00 (special introductory price).

For some time now, it has been Corrales’ aim to present the surprisingly different and refreshing classical and contemporary Latin American music in which he specializes, in a way that has proven audience appeal. This is to acquaint the public with the "other side" of Latin American culture, where most people are mainly familiar with Latin American popular music. It is a delight and honor to share a concert with kindred spirit Martina, who has a similar track record, among others with the important Curaçaoan composer and pianist Wim Statius Muller.

Besides as a solo musician, pursues this through various partnerships. Past collaborations have included jazz pianist Ramón Valle. Future collaboration is expected with writer Jan Brokken, in relation to his book ‘Why eleven Antilleans knelt before the grave of Chopin’. Projects under development: CUBA GOES TAP (premiere 22 March last), an initiative of Cuban composer Amsterdam Keyla Orozco, with – amongst others – Rumbatap inventor Max Pollak and Corrales' own Cuban piano trio project "Arioso".

Corrales is looking forward to this first concert with kindred spirit Jorge Andrés Martina. Martina is the nephew of the famous concert pianist Harold Martina. He has worked with several pianists, including his brothers Harold and Jaime, important Curaçaoan composer and pianist Wim Statius Muller, his father Stanley and the Italian pianist Paolo Francese. He is also much in demand as a soloist for the Misa Criolla of Ariel Ramirez.

MUSICA VIVA begins with an exciting selection from the abundant variety of Latin American classical and contemporary works for piano, performed by Gustavo Corrales Romero in the first half, including some of the first Cuban danzas written for piano and rhythm-laden fireworks from Brazil and Venezuela.

The second half culminates in a delightful assortment of romantic, nostalgic and seductive songs in collaboration with Jorge Andrés Martina, featuring classics like Siboney and Mexican folk songs adapted by Edward Kilenyi, Hollywood composer and George Gershwin’s composition teacher.

Organization / Information / Reservations through (wife and partner) Karen D. Russel de Corrales, KyG Productions:, 070 363 4102, 06 5212 1770 or here.

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