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It is my great pleasure and honor to share the desire to present classical and contemporary Latin American music with other musicians. These are some of the projects that are underway.

Arrangements for piano trio

Adaptations for violin, cello and piano by Gustavo Corrales Romero, 

of traditional Cuban songs (Golden Oldies) from Santiago de Cuba, like

'Mariposita de Primavera' (Spring Butterfly) and 'La Bayamesa'.

Printable descriptions of the ARIOSO project:


Contact us for a program proposal at:

Cuban Classical & Jazz

by two Cuban masters

Gustavo Corrales Romero and Ramón Valle - 7 June 2012

It is Corrales' great pleasure to do a combined concert of Cuban jazz and classical music with his friend, jazz pianist Ramón Valle 'The other face of Cuban jazz'; a great way to get to know both styles of Cuban music and these charismatic Cuban masters in their field.

The innovative and catchy jazz brought by Valle contrasts intruigingly with the elegant classical pieces played by Corrales, providing for a very entertaining event. 

Both pianists have developed a habit of making new arrangements

and compositions for every concert they do together.


Click here for latest concert description.

And here for videos of this piano duo.

Camerata Cubana de Amsterdam

Chamber orchestra with varying lineup

This formation saw its birth on 22 March 2015 at 

Salon Toets des tijds in Amsterdam

performing Cuba Goes Tap

Musica Viva

Duo with tenor Jorge Andrés Martina

Delightful classical and contemporary Latin American music

for piano solo, piano and voice including hits like 'Siboney'.

Perfomances to date have all been warmly received.

Read more about it here, in three languages (PDF).

Gustavo Corrales Romero and Jorge Andrés Martina - 27 June 2015

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