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© Pianoduo Festival Amsterdam | Edward Janssens (3 December 2022)

Cuban Classical & Jazz: Gustavo Corrales Romero & Ramón Valle

Looking forward to repeat:

All concerts video playlist. Graphic Design by Mari Esther Morales Alonso.

" … one of the nicest series

in The Concertgebouw … "

Three months, three concerts, three guest pianists


64 pieces, 23 composers, 11 countries, 8 premieres



by Wenneke Savenije of De Nieuwe Muze

KyG Productions Event Trailer by Sherpa.

VIDEOS of Concert 3

 Photo by Mari Esther Morales Alonso 

Cuban Classical and Jazz

with Ramón Valle

VIDEOS of Concert 2

 Photo by Mari Esther Morales Alonso 

East Indies-West Indies

with Henk Mak van Dijk

VIDEOS of Concert 1


 Photo by Marco Fuchs 

Latinissimo with

Ariel González

Previous event impressions:


 Photo by Richard Braakenburg 

Photoreport 3 September and 9 April 2017

Cuban classical and jazz

To hear a painting, To see the Music

Video clip of Traveling Shoe Stories at Cuba Goes Tap

Video clip of performance with Max Pollak at Cuba Goes Tap

More on YouTube/@GustavoCorralesR


Review of FRESCO CD  

Review of London concert   

Latest CDs:

Gustavo Corrales Romero:

GNA 2015  Foto--¬Nico van der Ven  001.jpg

 Photo by Nico van der Ven 

A reminiscence of an elegant past

The refined and refreshing aroma of classical Latin American music

brought to you on piano by a Latin American music specialist.  

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