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Gustavo Corrales Romero picture by Floor Jansen, adapted by KyG

Diversity and Balance

Performances are never the same!

I am continuously expanding my repertoire and renewing my programs, drawing from an abundance of

Latin American music.

At the same time it is my continuous intention to find the balance between my academic training and the spirit of the music that best suits every piece.

Not just another pianist

Although I have developed a broad European classical as well as contemporary repertoire, it is my special intention to profile myself as as a Latin American music specialist to present this delightful, classical and contemporary repertoire from my native Cuba and other Latin American countries to international audiences.

A glimpse into the world of Gustavo Corrales Romero.

As of 2009 Gustavo has also been very active in several ensembles


The Cuban music you don’t know

xA journey across 200 years of Cuban classical and contemporary music. Cuban academic composers have been notably inspired by the rich folkloric and imaginative variety in popular music through the ages, heavily influenced by the Spanish and African background as well as by the turbulent history of their country. Modeled after 1st CD Palimpsesto.

Exotically Classic

Uncovering equal trends of inspiration by folklore,

popular music and heritage as in Cuba, this piano recital

is a trip to the rest of Latin America, expertly providing a taste of the nationalist fever with which academic composers began recreating music from their countries since the 19th century, resulting in the abundance of works from which this selection is made.

As of the launch of 2nd CD Fresco in 2011, this program is being performed under the name Exotically Classic, continuously creating new variations through the consistent expansion of repertoire, ever evolving, also in dependence of audience and venue,

for example for the Salon Concert edition or the musical

intermezzo for the GNA (elegant concerts with commentary).

 Click on image for a video impression of Exotically Classic.

The Living Room Concert

Back to private Belle Epoque soirées!

“The charm of the pieces recorded on Fresco

is more appropriately shared privately,

than in a formal concert in a cold and dark theatre.

A recital for a few friends interested in a night of music,

drinks and snacks, in comfortable armchairs;

where I discuss the pieces, tell anecdotes

about the composers and answer questions informally,

is what I propose as a way to bring Fresco

to your very own living room.

A (baby) grand piano would have to be present

and we would have to discuss some details,

but if you can visualize a night like this at your home,

let me know ... I love the idea!”

To hear a painting, to see the music

The Educational Program

Another take on 1st CD Palimpsesto. In light of his academic

education Gustavo Corrales Romero can provide a wealth of

background information on his repertoire, especially relating to the Cuban composers (several of which he has special ties with) and Cuban art from the 19th century to date.

This perspective Corrales is eager to share with audiences around the world, who mostly know Cuba for its popular music, through a special concert & powerpoint presentation

A special link with Cuban composers

With several of the contemporary Cuban composers who feature in his programs, Gustavo Corrales Romero has a special connection.


Corrales is known among his peers for his eagerness to execute and expertise at performing new compositions. Exciting combinations are possible, drawing from European as well as Latin American works.


Since his successful collaboration with the Groninger Museum, Corrales has added to his make-up the possibility of creating programs for museums running parallel to their exhibitions, using his knowledge of art, coupled with the vast variety of his repertoire.


Wide concert repertoire for piano and chamber music ranging from classical to contemporary European and Latin American music, including (in chronological order) composers such as



Scarlatti, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Schubert, Schumann, Chopin, Liszt, Albéniz, Rachmaninov, Prokofiev, Schönberg, Berg, Weber, Andriessen, Górecki, Draagstra, Cykiert;

Latin American


Saumell, Cervantes, Lecuona, Nazareth, Barrios, Ponce, Caturla,

Villa-Lobos, Moleiro, Valencia, González Valdes, Fariñas, Guastavino, Williams, Ginasteras, Statius Muller, Mompou, Gramatges, Nobre and (Cuban latest generation) Quintero, Orozco, Carvajal, Morales.

And more...

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