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Gustavo Corrales Romero

Classical and contemporary Latin American music and art

Latin American showcase 

Compilation of articles by Gustavo Corrales Romero

on Latin American classical and contemporary music

first featured in the newsletter since July 2014.


Carlos Guastavino 1912 – 2000

The prolific 'Schubert of the Pampas' • Nov-Dec 2014


Ernesto Nazareth 1863 – 1934

The ‘belle époque’ composer from Brazil • Sep 2014


Ignacio Cervantes Kawanagh 1847 – 1905

Cuban musical romanticism incarnate • Oct 2014 

The English translation was also published by ILAMS in December 2018.

Danzón 1879

Cuba's versatile national dance • Apr 2015 

Carlos Fariñas 1934-2002

Composer, teacher, promoter, visionary • March 2021

The Spanish original was also published in El Sincopado Habanero in 2021 (Page 12). On Page 20: an article by Jacqueline Hechavarría Carbonell about four contemporary Cuban composers, including Gustavo Corrales Romero.

Harold Gramatges 1918-2008

Educator of generations • May 2021

Ernesto Lecuona 1896 – 1963

The most played Cuban composer of all time • Sep 2015

César López Zarragoitía 1944 - 1996

Great Cuban educator, mentor GCR • Feb 2019

The Spanish original article was also published by CIDMUC as part of another article in 2020.

Keyla Orozco Alemán 1969

Unstoppable contemporary composer • Feb 2015


Association for the Development of Musical Contemporary Art • Sep 2021

La trova 

Deeply rooted Cubanness • Apr 2016


Manuel Ponce 1882 – 1948

The father of Mexican musical nationalism • Jul 2015


Agustín Barrios Mangoré 1885 – 1944

The guitar wizard • Dec 2015


The eternal waltz 

From Europe to Latin America • Sep 2016

More Latin American composers to be added as we go along.