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Ramón Valle picture by Ernestina van de Noort. Click for concert description in English.
Picture by Floor Jansen. Click for concert information in English.

THE 7 JUNE concert with Ramón Valle was a GREAT SUCCESS!STAY TUNED for video! TO BE REPEATED as soon as we can!

Classical and contemporary Latin American specialist Gustavo Corrales Romero and Ramón Valle, a jazz pianist with an impressive track record and a sound all of his own, joined forces for an evening of Latin American sounds on the piano.


Links on UK websites to the event:

Passionate about sharing Latin American academic music, Gustavo Corrales Romero is delighted to be playing in London for the first time, presenting classical pieces by well and lesser known Latin American composers, inspired by folkloric music in the spirit of dance and song, developed for the concert hall based on genres like the waltz, danza, joropo, son, pasillo, tango, habanera. Barrios, Fariñas, Guastavino, Lecuona, Moleiro, Ponce, Statius Muller and more...

Live the Brazilian ingenuity, the subtleties from Argentina,

the vibrant rhythms from Venezuela and

discover the Cuban music you don't know.

EXOTICAL CLASSIC. Gustavo Corrales Romero. At the Royal Conservatory in The Hague 6 November 2011.

Conclusion of the 6 November 2011 concert at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, where Corrales, to celebrate the launch of his CD FRESCO, presented the first Exotical Classic program mirroring the content of the CD.   


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