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Live the Brazilian ingenuity, the subtleties from Argentina,

the vibrant rhythms from Venezuela and

discover the Cuban music you don't know.


The refined and refreshing aroma of the Latin American classics experienced in the relaxed, intimate atmosphere of the charming Carlton Ambassador Hotel.

Cuban born pianist GUSTAVO CORRALES ROMERO again presented the fascinating world of Latin American composers. Look for the next performance of Exotical Classic to be soothed, moved and intrigued by contagious rhythms and exotical melodies of the classical masters of the other side of the world.

New program

Performances are never the same, as this seasoned musician with a singular understanding of music is continuously expanding his repertoire and renewing his programs, drawing from the abundance of Latin American music available.

EXOTICAL CLASSIC. Gustavo Corrales Romero. At the Royal Conservatory in The Hague 6 November 2011.

Conclusion of the 6 November 2011 concert at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, where Corrales, to celebrate the launch of his CD FRESCO, presented the first Exotical Classic program mirroring the content of the CD.   


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