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Karen and Gustavo's first encounter, captured by Loly Berkley after concert in 1999What is now the KyG partnership between husband and wife was begun when - at the end of 1999, on the parking lot of the Hyatt Regency Aruba - Gustavo remarked to Karen that "he'd like to find a way to perform more". 

We will never forget the sponsors who so graciously 
enabled us to begin our creative collaboration. 

KyG has been self-financing and realizing its productions since the second half of 2001 thanks to a double salary and some very hard work.
Since mid 2012 KyG is self sufficient, generating its own finances.

KyG Purpose

Develop and promote projects and products related to KyG's individual and combined creative multitalent
in music, writing and imagery;

tailored to an international audience;

including but not limited to the cultural intention to
spread the awareness about Latin American music
- classical and contemporary - 
as far and wide as possible;

with an additional moral intent of inspiring people
to pursue personal growth, spirituality
and the arts in some form.

Projects currently under way
or under consideration

Piano trio CD project.
Gustavo wrote it in 2013 and is very eager
to present it to the public.
Adaptations for piano, cello and violin
based on popular Cuban Golden Oldies.

In 3 languages

in 3 languages

Since 2018, to record ASAP!

If you can sponsor or loan €5000,
we have one investor who may match
and - after 4 years -
ARIOSO can finally be recorded

Visual arts project consisting of collages representing variations of the Cuban flag.
Ideally to be produced in combination with ARIOSO.

La Ciudad de los Portales
Publication of Gustavo's second book, which plays out
across four eras in his home town Guantánamo.

'To hear a painting, to see the music'
Concert and powerpoint presentation.
Only a handful of people had the benefit of this experience
when we first presented it at the Groninger Museum in 2009.

To realize this, a collaboration will be pursued
with (Dutch) Latin American oriented institutes.

We would also happily discuss a
Charity concert
Back to our roots. A concert for
a still to be determined charity in The Netherlands,
just like when we began in Aruba in 2000.

We can use all the help we can get!

Investing is a possibility.
We are currently updating our Business Plan.

KyG would also welcome relevant, expert business coaching.

Contributions are welcome by bank transfer.
Loans are also currently welcome, especially for ARIOSO.

Please contact us
to discuss terms and possibilities.
We will show you every possible courtesy,
including but not limited to:

  • Complimentary tickets for one or more KyG events, in relation to your contribution.

  • Potential VIP seating for you and your partner or party, within reason, in relation to your contribution.

  • Complimentary CD(s) in relation to your contribution.

  • Personal meet and greet.