Gustavo Corrales Romero

Classical and contemporary Latin American music and art

Gustavo Corrales Romero - picture by Brigitte Soffner

WELCOME to my music page!

This is just a taste of the wide variety of Latin American music out there.

Be soothed, moved and intrigued by contagious rhythms and exotic melodies of the classical masters of the other side of the world. ENJOY!

Miniaturas 1 - FRESCO

M.M. Ponce (Mexico)

Joropo - FRESCO

M. Moleiro (Venezuela)

Tu pañuelo ... - FRESCO

L. González Valdes (Cuba)

Danza Negra - Palimpsesto

E. Lecuona (Cuba)

Won't Blue - Palimpsesto

K. Orozco (Cuba)

6 piezas para piano (# 6)

Y. Quintero (Cuba)

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